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Hey everyone! Over the next couple weeks I will be sharing my Baby Favorites series. As a mom of three, ages 12 months, 4 and 5, I’ve had the opportunity to try a wide variety of products. I’ve put together all of my favorites….from “classic” products I’ve used with all of our babies, to new and exciting products that just came out since Avalynn was born. I can’t wait to share everything with you and help you discover products that may work for your family, or at least help you get a closer look at anything you may be interested in! In this post, I’m going to share with you my Baby Feeding Favorites!



Little Spoon is an organic babyblends subscription that sends healthy and delicious baby food right to your door. Unlike food on the shelf that is sometimes older than your baby, Little Spoon meals are sent fresh and prepared to last for 14 days. Your box includes some information about Little Spoon, a baby bib, an insulated cooler bag with your baby food inside, and some ice packs to help keep food nice and cool during delivery. Also, each package of baby food comes with a little spoon in the lid for convenience!

When you set up your account with Little Spoon, you have the opportunity to create a custom Blueprint for your baby that takes into account your baby’s age, stage of development, any food allergies, and other helpful things to create a personalized meal plan just for your baby. It’s easy and quick and you can also use their system to track milestones and progress as your baby grows!


You can really see and taste the difference with Little Spoon! The baby food looks just like it was homemade. You can see all of the details, like whole peas or dill. The recipes are intended to promote healthy nutrition and development during the early, most important years, as well as taste amazing. Their recipe combinations are great for building brand new palettes! Avalynn LOVES Little Spoon meals and I love knowing that I’m feeding her something fresh and healthy.

2. TRIPP TRAPP BY STOKKE high chair & baby set:

This Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair was on my wish list from the moment I got pregnant with Avalynn. I’ve seen them featured in videos on The SacconeJolys channel and love what they offer families. It’s not your average high chair. It is actually made to grow with your child for life! It has an adjustable seat and foot board to change positions as your child grows. Here are the stages:

The idea behind the design of the Tripp Trapp is for babies and children to get to be part of meal time by sitting at the table with their family. For this reason, they don’t come with a tray. Although, you can purchase a tray accessory if you like. There are also other accessories you can get like the baby set (pictured below) we got that is an extra little seat attachment for Avalynn that helped her sit in the high chair even when she was super little. It also has a safety harness for babies and we use that too.

The Tripp Trapp is made from high quality wood and is extremely durable. I also find that it’s easy to clean after meals which is high on my list of high chair must have qualities!

3. EZPZ Original, All-in-One Silicone plates, placemats and play mats:

I first saw the EZPZ all-in-one silicone mats on a Shark Tank a couple years ago and I immediately knew they were going to do amazing! And they have! EZPZ has been recognized for many awards and has made a big impact in the mom community in many ways! This company is known for giving back as they grow and I’m so excited to share it with you guys because you’re going to LOVE these mats!

Anyways, these meal time mats are AMAZING because they are designed to stick to the surface of a counter or table. These things can cling on like no other! Even with my husband and I tugging on them, they stay put! Very well made! This means that the baby can’t pick up their plate and throw it on the floor. I WISH we had these when Aidan was a baby because he did that for almost every meal. At one point, I considered claiming the kitchen floor as a dependent since we provided it with a full meal daily. But…. with EZPZ, we will not have to worry about that with Avalynn! She has used these from the beginning of her very first meal to her first birthday funfetti pancake breakfast….and we will use them for a long time after!

I love that they make mealtime cleanup SUPER easy since they are all one piece and…..they are dishwasher friendly. Say no more. EZPZ mats are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. I really love them all since they are so different. The Happy Mat is great to separate different food items. The Mini Bowl is amazing for the early stages of baby cereal. The play may is great for sorting items or even painting. These take up very little space and could also be used on-the-go or for travel.

And they work PERFECTLY with the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair so baby can sit at the table and enjoy their food without worrying about too much mess!

Be very careful when you order online. Unfortunately, there have been some kock offs of these mats and the quality is definitely not the same. Be sure when you order, you get an authentic EZPZ mat for your little one so it will last a long time!

4. BUMKINS waterproof bibs:

We can not recommend these Bumkins waterproof bibs enough! They are AMAZING! We started using them when the boys were little and have several Cat in the Hat bibs along with construction toys, animals, shapes, and other fun prints.

We’ve recently added some girly prints to our collection for Avalynn. They are SO easy to put on! They are t-shirt shaped and cover the entire front and shoulders, securing in the back with Velcro.

I’ve found these bibs to be the best at keeping a baby or child’s outfit pretty much completely clean during a meal. We use them for meals at home. We keep one in the diaper bag for on the go. We even use them for art projects. They can rinse off in the sink or, you can even toss them in the washer. Easy to keep your kids clean and easy to clean the actual bibs. What more could a mess-free mama want?! My kids have always loved these and they are also nice and thin so they work great in hot summer weather as well.


I hope you enjoyed my Baby Feeding Favorites!

I’d love to know what yours are!

Share in the comments below!

Check back very soon for more in my Baby Favorites series!

I will be sharing them all by category!


FTC Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I received a complimentary box of Little Spoon to facilitate a review. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through one of my links, at no extra cost to use, my blog may earn a small commission. Thanks for helping support my blog and allowing me to bring you more fun content!



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