Bedtime Routine for Preschoolers

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Let’s talk about bedtime! It’s summer so your kids are probably staying up later! Perhaps you are traveling. Summer is the perfect time to visit family, go on road trip adventures, and even go camping! While kids are pretty adaptable, I’ve found that it’s important to keep their bedtime routine consistent so that they can get the sleep they need without all of the headaches. Just like many of you, we do also have those nights that it takes hours to get them to sleep, but for the most part, our bedtime routine is consistent, even with the boys staying up late, and it works well for our family! So even if they stay up a little later, or we find ourselves doing a bedtime routine away from home, the boys know that this part of bedtime will always be the same!

Preschooler Bedtime Routine:

1.Bath/Shower Time:

First, we begin their bedtime routine with a bath or shower. Depending on how dirty they are, we will usually let them decide. They are 3 and 5 years old so they get to do it together and play a bit, which is really nice for us! We wash their hair a couple times a week, but not every day. We live in Utah and it’s really dry here, so we find daily hair washing is not necessary, unless of course, they get really dirty.

In the past, they’ve had a giant basket of bath toys. For some reason, this made them fight with each other over which toys they each got to play with. I decided to limit the bath toys to just 5 or so, and now they get along and there’s no more fighting! Something about making the process simpler before bedtime really makes a huge difference in getting them to calm down more. It also allows them to use their imaginations while they play, which they are VERY good at! We love hearing them play together!

2. Pullups & Pajamas:

Andrew is fully potty trained and Aidan is still working on it. However, we find that it’s best to use Huggies PullUps at night time still. What’s easy for us is they now both wear the same size! Before they get out of the bath or shower, I lay out their pajamas and Pullups on our bed (they use our bath/shower) along with their special animals (Aidan has his kitty that was mine when I was little. Andrew has his bunny that we gave him for his first Halloween.), and their spill-proof cups of water to take to bed. (Parents, these cups are amazing! No more asking to get a drink of water 100x a night, and they don’t spill in the bed!) Aidan has been playing “house” lately now that the boys have a baby sister at home, so sometimes his kitty is his “baby” and this particular night, Kitty needed a PullUp, too!

3. Bedtime Story:

I’ve always loved story time with my babies. This is one of my favorite parts of the day! Next to our bed, we have a bookcase where we keep all the special books. Each night after shower or bath, the boys will take turns picking out our bedtime story for the night. Drew and I will take turns reading their bedtime story in our room. Sometimes the boys ask to read the story again and again which I really love! Tonight, we read a cute book called Meet Mardi by Linda Dembo about a little puppy who finds his forever home. Of course, Aidan wanted to read it again and again. I love my cuddle time with the boys and spending quality time together as they wind down.

4. Brushing Teeth:

After they have their jammies on and we finish up story time in our room, it’s time for the boys to brush their teeth. We have them brush their teeth in their own bathroom, which is where we keep all of their things (toothbrushes and toothpaste, Pullups, etc.). Luckily they both love to brush their teeth! Aidan sometimes has requests. Tonight he wanted to wear his favorite hat while he brushed his teeth so I thought, why not?! He’s so cute and always makes us laugh!

5. Hugs, Prayers, and Tucking In:

Finally, it’s time to get the boys in bed. We tuck them in, give them hugs, and say our prayers. Then, they will usually talk together for around 15 minutes before falling asleep. Every once in awhile they will play, but for the most part, they do go to bed nicely, especially after a full day or outside play time which is a game changer in the summer! We try to get them outside as much as we can so they go to bed easier at night!

After several rounds of hugs, and saying goodnight to our newest bundle of joy, their baby sister, we bring Avalynn back to our room, say Goodnight, turn out the lights, and close the door.

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What are YOUR Bedtime Routine Tips?

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