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Unboxing Boredom Busters from Babbleboxx!

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Hi everyone! In this post, I’m going to share some fun things to keep your kids busy and entertained at home! Whether it’s due to staying home, or on a rainy day, these toys and activities will be great to have on hand and use over and over again!

Babbleboxx is not a subscription service. It’s a PR box that combines several sponsors into one fun box– all with the same theme– for bloggers and social media creators to share with our communities. The theme of this box is Boredom Busters and I’m SO excited I was selected to participate this year! My kids were over the moon excited to receive all of these items and I can’t wait to share all the fun with you to help you discover something new that may be a great fit for your family!

We actually got so many cool things that we decided to put together a video to give you a closer look at each of the items we received. The kids LOVED making this video so we would love if you check it out.

You can watch our unboxing and see all the fun items in this video below!


What’s inside the Boredom Busters box?

This was such a fun opportunity to work with several sponsors all in the same time. It truly felt like Christmas for us! I’m going to introduce you to each of them below as well as provide some discount codes and additional resources whenever possible so you get something, too! Be sure to look for all of those incentives marked below for you in PINK.


Sponsor 1: Disney Hits by Disney Music

Can we say PERFECT FIT? The Disney Hits playlist is one you’ll here daily around here. The kids actually love to get all dressed up in their costumes and have a dance party! It’s a great way to get exercise indoors and enjoy all of our favorite songs! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the kids have watched a lot of Disney movies lately and it’s been so fun for them to learn songs to many of the popular movies! Avalynn is in love with Frozen, Aidan loves songs from the Lion King, and Andrew likes almost all of them! Watching them dance around in their costumes while listening to these songs sure makes me feel happy! This is what being a kid should look like! The fun, the silly, and all the memories together. I’ve always loved Disney, so seeing my kids learn the songs to even the movies I watched as a kid really brings this all full circle for me!

Disney Hits sent the kids an Amazon Echo Dot so they can hear their favorite songs anytime! It’s super easy for them to turn on the music and start their dance party! I love that we know all the songs that will play are appropriate for kids! This playlist includes OVER 4.5 HOURS of Disney Songs and you can listen on all your favorite streaming services like Amazon Prime/Music Unlimited, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Music is such a great way to uplift everyone’s mood and bring some positivity into the room! I love that this playlist can work anywhere- in the car, in the living room, in their bedroom, even in the bath with our Bluetooth shower speaker!

Check out the Disney Hits Playlist here!

p.s. Disney also has other fun playlists like Disney Lullaby, Disney Piano, and Disney Junior!

Sponsor 2: Feeling Through Colors Activity from Action for Healthy Kids (Nonprofit):

Action for Healthy Kids is an online resource for in-home activities to help kids with emotional and physical health at home. They have over a hundred family activities to do together and lots of helpful resources to help your kids battle boredom, support visual learning, and keep kids emotionally and physically healthy at home.

They included an apple stress ball that Avalynn now carries with her everywhere!

One of their activities is called Feeling Through Colors that helps kids explore their emotions through art. Here are some art projects the kids have done lately! Seeing my fridge filled with their artwork makes me so happy!

Get Resources: Join the movement at to sign up for resources, news, and activities for your family! They have a huge Game On Activity Library of resources for parents and teachers filled with ideas that you can do at home together as a family! So check it out and see if you find some inspiration for your healthy and happy kids!

Sponsor 3: A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations–and How You Can Find Them in the Sky from Black Dog and Leventhal

This absolutely beautiful book is an amazing coffee table style book for kids that teaches them ALL about outer space with great facts and information and amazing illustrations! If you know us, you know special outer space is to our family. Andrew was OBSESSED with outer space when he was 4-5 and we even got the opportunity to go on a field trip with his school to see the eclipse in Idaho! He has his own (adult, not toy) telescope, and both boys love dressing up in their astronaut costume and pretending to explore!

I am so impressed with the quality of this book! There is so much fun and educational information packed into it. It’s not a quick bedtime story book, but one that you read a little bit at a time and really take it all in. You can learn all about the planets, the stars, the constellations, and more! Vocabulary words and definitions are included throughout to help your young readers understand what they are learning about!

Included in the front cover of the book is a pouch with a star finder wheel and flow-in-the-dark stickers to help bring some of the content to life outside of the book! There are also some fun STEM Activities and inspirational content to make learning all about space so much fun!

If you have a child who loves space or know someone, this book would make a great gift!

LEARN MORE about this book here!

Sponsor 4: Magic Sketch™ from Boogie Board!

The boys received a couple Boogie Boards awhile back for one of their birthdays so we are already HUGE fans of this brand! In our Boredom Busters Box, we received a Magic Sketch electronic art kit that included a Boogie Board with several double-sided activity cards, a protective case, and a few different drawing tools! All three of my kids LOVE using this and it’s a great activity for quiet time that allows them to explore their creativity. If you haven’t seen one of these before, definitely check out our video up top to see how they work in action! They are mess free! You simply draw on it with the plastic tools that create a rainbow effect on a black backdrop and then push a button to erase and it’s ready for a new design instantly! No ink, no mess, just fun!

The Magic Sketch activity cards are traceable and include a variety of fun creative and educational activities like mazes, dot games, tic tac toe, letter tracing, and more! There was something in there for each of my kids (age 3, 6, and 7) to enjoy! This would also make a fun gift idea and bring hours of fun to a special child in your life! Not only are these great to have at home, but a perfect companion for car rides or airplane travel!

Note: colors of the cards appear pink here but they are actually purple as pictured below.

I’ll be using this for a fun way for Aidan to practice writing his sight words! I definitely wish I had one of these as a kid! It’s so much fun!


Use Code WMBBX2BQDSZZH for 10% OFF any purchase at One use per customer. Valid through October 2, 2020.

Sponsor 5: The Feel Better Box from Open the Joy

Wow, so this box was amazing! Where do I begin? This Feel Better Box includes over 100 boredom busters for kids and is designed for ages 4 and up! I’ve never seen so much fun packed into a single box and the kids had so much fun creating and exploring everything!

This box includes:

  • 56 Page Feel Better Activity Booklet with 5 Sections
  • Conversation Cards with 109 Talking Prompts
  • 8X8 Positive Quote Canvas
  • 13 Bright 5ml Paint Pots & 2 Paint Brushes
  • 6 inch Doc Ollie Unicorn Plush
  • Blank 16 Page Create Your Own Story Book
  • 50 Sheets of Colorful Origami Paper
  • Set of 4 Mindful Origami Instructions
  • Set of 4 Fine Motor Magic Tricks
  • Deck of 54 “Would You Rather” Playing Cards
  • Finger Puppet
  • Extra Large Cootie Catcher
  • Fidget Noodle
  • 6 Pack Positive Quote Coloring Posters to Decorate Your Room
  • 6 Pack Markers
  • 15 Super Cool Stickers

Your kids can easily find something new to do from this box all month long and some things over and over even after that! It’s a great value for everything that you get inside and is perfectly suitable for families with multiple kids to share! While they do recommend ages 4 and up for this box, there were a few things that Avalynn could enjoy also (age 3) with my supervision of course. For this box, you’ll definitely want to check out our video to show all of the fun items inside. I don’t even know how it was all able to fit into one box, but it was pretty awesome!

Open the Joy has several themed boxes and kits with different themes and sizes so you can select exactly what works for your recipient and within your budget. You can also purchase some of the items and accessories individually if you prefer. The quality of their products and great branding and designs makes this a for sure hit in my book! The Feel Better Box would be a great Get Well Soon gift for a child who is recovering from surgery, illness, or any other hard time and many of the activities can be done right in their bed.

I do want to note that our box was missing the putty, but everything else was more than enough fun! I didn’t contact the company about this since it was just one small item missing, but they do provide great customer service and quick responses from what I’ve seen on social media so I wouldn’t worry about this at all. I’m looking forward to trying more of their kids in the future and highly recommend this company!


Use code boredombuster to receive 10% OFF until June 1, 2020 at!

Sponsor 6: Smart Farmer + Jump In’ from SmartGames:

If you haven’t heard of SmartGames, you are missing out! First off, these are just 2 in a HUGE collection of strategy games with all sorts of fun themes. I am a huge fan of board games so I was so excited to add these to our collection.

SmartGames are strategy/puzzle games designed for one player and they are as fun as they are challenging. You get different levels of difficulty with each game so you can continue the fun while you challenge yourself to keep thinking harder as you go. They are designed to teach kids about spatial insight, planning, and problem solving skills. The booklet included shows you how to set up each level and if you get stuck, the solutions are in the back!

Smart Farmer is designed for ages 4 and up. Although Avalynn is too young to understand how it works, she LOVES to “play” her own version by lining up the animals, counting them as she puts them into the pen, and telling me what sounds they make. Smaller kids may need an adult present with the smaller pieces but I love that I can use this for learning fun for her and then the boys can also play as intended so that she doesn’t feel left out.

Jump In’ is a bit harder and is intended for ages 7 and up. I’ve been playing with Andrew every night and we’ve made it to level 24 in the expert stage. It’s SO much fun to play and learn how to beat each level even if you feel stuck. Once it clicks in your mind, it’s so fun! Andrew is definitely a gamer and while he enjoys many electronic games, he really loves this board game and testing his limits with strategy and solution! This game includes a carrying case so you can bring it on the go, which doesn’t take up too much space in a suitcase and could be a lot of fun to pass the time in a hotel room while on vacation!

I highly recommend SmartGames STEM games for kids and while you should definitely check out these two versions, I also recommend that you take a peek at their full lineup as they have something for everyone at all levels! Be sure to watch our video to see both of these games in action!


You can use code 10SMART2020 on any item purchased in the SmartGames Amazon store through May 30, 2020 to save on your purchase at checkout! Shop the SmartGames Amazon store at!

Sponsor 7: KidiGo™ Walkie Talkies + Leapfrog® LeapStart® 3D Learning System from VTech®:

First up, we’re going to talk about VTech® KidiGo™ Walkie Talkies:

These are SO cool and they’re made just for kids! Our kids have always loved VTech products so it’s no surprise that these were a huge hit! They are kid-sage, two-way radios that keeps your kids’ conversations secure (and prevents others from chatting with them or listening in) which is really important! They also allow kids to send preset animated messages back and forth, have large, easy-to-read screens, and they light up. They facilitate back and forth communication and also feature four unique two-players games built in. They also work up to 500 feet apart!

We discovered the kids LOVE to use these for playing hide-and-seek and they’ve had a blast using them for that! It’s so cute to see their imaginations run wild while they hunt for each other throughout the home and I love that it’s something that lets them play together nicely!

Check out our video above to see them in action!

Learn more about the VTech KidiGo Walkie Talkies HERE!

Now, let’s talk about the Leapfrog® LeapStart® 3D Learning System:

This was a special one for Aidan because he’s currently finishing up kindergarten and getting ready to go to first grade next year. Aidan has had a bit of trouble with learning sight words and the amazing and kid-friendly technology that Leapfrog provides encourages him to enjoy learning which is really important for us! The LeapStart 3D system is interactive and so much fun for kids to get visual rewards as they learn and play through different activities.

The LeapStart system includes a sample activity book and we also received a LeapStart 2 Book Combo Pack in our Boredom Busters box for his age that teach math and reading called Math in Action and Toys Save the Day. All the books include popular children’s characters like Paw Patrol or Toy Story, so they get to learn along with their favorites! It’s cute to see the system ask him questions and let him use the pen to discover the answers and hear and see feedback in real time! If he gets the answers wrong, it encourages him to try again and if he gets it correct, it celebrates his answers with sounds and 3D visuals on the pop up screen. He always has a big smile on his face when things are correct. LeapFrog has SO many amazing products and books to work with the LeapStart system so it’s a great build-able tool that you can collect and grow with your child from preschool through older grades!

Note: You will need a computer with internet connection to download the book software onto your LeapStart system! A USB chord is provided with instructions.

Learn more about the LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Learning System here!

Learn more about the LeapStart 2 Book Combo Pack here!

Resource: VTech and LeapFrog are providing parents, teachers, and kids with some fun learning resources to accompany these at

Thanks for Reading!

That’s everything in the 2020 Boredom Busters Babbleboxx! I’m so thankful for the opportunity my kids had to receive and test out all of these amazing products and partner with such great brands that we already know and love as well as discover some new ones! I hope you enjoyed learning about some great ways to keep your kids entertained and busy at home!

Thank you so much to Babbleboxx and all of the sponsors for partnering with us on the Boredom Busters box for Spring 2020! We really enjoyed all of the items included and look forward to hours of fun at home!


What was YOUR favorite item in this box?

Do you own any of them already?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!



Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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