Why I Chose Online Banking

What is Chime? How does it work?

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I’m a work-from-home mom of three kids, so this stage in my life, convenience is everything.  If I can find a way to do things online, I highly prefer it! I pay bills online. I shop online. And now I bank online. Not only does it save time from driving around, but with all that’s going on, I try to limit my outings as much as possible and have been keeping my kids home other than swim lessons. So as the world changes, the option to bank online seems like a great idea! I have family members who have banked with Chime for several years and have had a great experience so when I got an opportunity to partner with Chime and tell you guys how online banking works, I jumped at the chance!

What exactly is online banking?

An online bank is a bank that operates online. There are no local branches! And because of all the money saved on less overhead expenses to run the business, the savings are passed onto the customers. This means that unlike traditional banks, Chime, with it’s banking partners, doesn’t charge members monthly fees or maintenance fees. They provide a convenience to their members while helping them achieve financial peace of mind through their ease of customer experience. You can do all of your banking through their website or mobile app. This means there are no lobby hours, you have access to banking 24/7!

What does it take to open a new account?

You can get started today in a couple easy steps! It only takes a couple minutes to sign up for a FREE Chime bank account online and your Visa debit card will be mailed to your home in just 5-10 business days. (Mine arrived a few days early!). Click here to get started! 

Chime cards work all over the world, but account holders are required to have a Social Security Number and live in the US or District of Columbia. 


How do you deposit money in your account without a branch?


That’s a great question! Chime accepts direct deposits set up online. You can deposit checks online via the mobile app by taking a picture with your phone and uploading it to the app. This feature will automatically unlock within your app when you qualify.

You can also deposit cash into your account at over 90,000 retail locations (including Walgreens and CVS) using the Green Dot Network for a fee. (You can add up to $1,000 per day and up to $10,000 cash per month via the Green Dot Network.)

How do you get money out?

You can use your Visa Debit card to access your money and the Chime mobile app allows you to transfer money as you normally would. You can also set up online bill pay. You can also use the Chime Checkbook feature if you have a bill that requires payment by check rather than via Debit card.


What benefits does Chime offer their members?

In addition to the convenience of modern technology that’s available 24/7, Chime has some great member benefits!

Overdraft with No Fees:

Chime isn’t trying to profit over their members misfortunes and mistakes, especially during hard times like these. With their Spot Me service, you are covered up to $100 in overdraft protection on debit card purchases with no fees for eligible members. If your checks and expenses sometimes overlap, it’s a really helpful service for members who just need an extra day or so for things to hit the account at the same time.

ATM Withdrawls with No Fees:

Chime has a network of 38,000+ fee-free ATMs for Chime members through MoneyPass® or Visa® Plus Alliance.

Get Your Direct Deposit Early:

When you get your paycheck directly deposited into your Chime account, you can access it up to 2 days earlier than many banks.

Referral Bonus:

You and your friend will each get $50 when they join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more within the first 45 days of enrolling! Members get their own invite link to share with family and friends to make the referral process easy and secure for both parties.

Ease of Use:

Chime Visa Debit Cards can also be used all over the world and with mobile-payment providers such as Apple PayTM, Google PayTM or Samsung PayTM. Other features our members love about Chime Visa Debit Card are instant transaction notifications anytime your card is swiped, the ability to instantly block your card and order a replacement Debit Card all from within the Chime mobile app. This helps members protect their identity and feel safe with online transactions.

No Holds:

There are no limits or fees associated with direct debits.

Send Money to Friends for Free:

You can use the Pay Friends feature to send money to Chime members instantly, and free!

Get Started with Chime today!

If you’re tired of bank fees and doing everything the old way, give Chime a try and save time and money with online banking today! Click here to get started setting up a Chime Spending Account and receive your Visa Debit Card in 5-10 business days.

As I stated, I have family who has used Chime for a few years now and it’s been a great experience. I’m excited to join the Chime family! The process for setting up my new Spending Account was so quick and easy and I am excited about all of the member benefits and ease of use.

What are YOUR favorite member benefits when you are choosing a banking service?

Leave a comment below!




Written by Lindsay Satmary

Owner and operator of Paperclips & Confetti, a motherhood + lifestyle blog sharing all the best of #momlife. Lindsay is a mom of 3 (ages 2-7).  Lover of Disney World, office supplies, subscription boxes, and social media. Instagram: @paperclipsandconfetti


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