TWO Yummy Burger Recipes!

Shop with me and make dinner!

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Let’s talk about food for a minute. Do you prefer to eat out or cook at home? I love both! I recently got an opportunity to try out Chop House Steak Burgers (available in the frozen section at Publix) and I am soooo impressed with the amazing quality and delicious taste! You’d honestly never know they were from the frozen section. If you’re looking for a restaurant-quality burger, I’m going to share with you two awesome burgers that I LOVE so you can try them out too!

To be honest, my husband is the cook in our family. I love to eat though and our entire family LOVES burgers, especially Avalynn! So while I paired all of my favorite burger toppings to come up with two options, my husband did all the grilling and cooking. Also, since I came up with the concepts, it’s quick and easy–anyone can do it!

Come shop with us and make dinner!

Watch the video here:

The Hawaiian Burger:

This one combines sweet and savory in the best way! You’ll want to grill your Chop House Steak Burger patty and top it with a melted slice of fresh Swiss cheese. Place on the bun (I love the artisan style buns but you can choose any) on top of some fresh lettuce. On top of the burger, you’ll add a slice of freshly cut pineapple topped with teriyaki-sauteed mushrooms! I put the pineapple on top of the mushrooms while they were cooking to soak up some extra flavor and it was SO good! To finish off this burger, spread a nice layer of goat cheese on the top bun. SO yummy!


The American Burger:

This one is great for those weekend BBQs! A simple yet classic option, this Chop House Steak Burger patty is topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, slices of fresh avocado, some cole slaw, and your favorite barbecue sauce! Serve over lettuce on an artisan bun-or your favorite type of bun. That’s it! Quick, easy, and soooo yummy!!

Make Both and call it a Burger Bar! Now it’s a Party!


I hope you like my two favorite burgers! These are so fun to make for a family dinner or a weekend get together with family and friends. If you’re looking for some additional burger ideas, be sure to check out Chop House Steak Burgers website here for more recipes!

Which one is your favorite?

Let me know if you’d try the Hawaii Burger or the American Burger

in the comments below!



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