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Hey guys! We made it to fall- my FAVORITE time of year! When I think of fall, I think of getting cozy under a soft blanket with some hot tea and a good book while the kids play. Let’s not talk about walking outside in a cute flannel outfit in Florida when it’s 100 degrees outside still. No, not that fall. But I’ve put up my fall decor inside and I’m so excited to get the FEEL of fall at home, even if it’s just inside! I’m not going out much anyways, so it’s the perfect time to dive into some new self-care items! Speaking of self-care items…..

In this post, I’ll be sharing some fun self-care picks from Babbleboxx that you may like! It was a lot of fun to try some of these out so I hope you enjoy this! Babbleboxx is a themed-PR box curated for bloggers and social media creators to share the latest and greatest items with our community. I’ll share links where you can find everything below and, whenever possible, I’ll include a discount code for you guys!

Sponsor 1: Custom Hair Dye from e-Salon:

This was SUCH a cool discovery! Who knew that you can bring the salon to your home with this custom hair dye option!

As many of you know, I dye my hair regularly to cover up greys. It was the strangest thing– the morning of my 30th birthday, I woke up to find like 25 grey hairs all over the top of my hair. I started by plucking them out. Note to self-and all of you- DO NOT do that. They grow back in worse than before. So I decided that I’d rather just dye them. I typically dye my hair every 4-6 weeks because I have to keep up with all the greys and I like my color to stay vibrant. I usually use box dye. I know. But I go for solid black each time and it’s just not in my budget to have it professionally colored so often throughout the year. I haven’t really had any bad experiences with what I’ve been doing. My biggest complaint is that I usually need 2 boxes to cover all of my hair evenly.

And then I received a magical box in the mail from e-Salon….. a hair dye kit made JUST FOR ME! It took only a couple minutes to build my hair profile on their website and a professional colorist was matched with me to take care of my order. They ask questions about your hair type, length, natural color, desired color, etc. You can even upload photos to give your colorist a clear picture of your hair profile to work with.

This box not only contained personalized branding with my name on it- so cool- but it had a lot of treats that my box dyes do not include: barrier cream and stain remover to make sure you don’t accidentally dye your skin- and they really worked; separate mixes for the roots and the ends of my hair (and PLENTY of color and developer to cover all of my hair super evenly and well), shampoo and conditioner for the first wash, extra gloves, and more!

I went with a demi-permanent mix to match what I’ve already been doing as my personal preference is amonia-free dye. And you guys- I’m so impressed! The coloring was vibrant and thoroughly distributed- no missed spots- and covered all of the greys. I am excited that it was made just for me for my exact hair, and conveniently shipped to my door! (They even offer subscription options where those like me who dye regularly can opt for regular shipments!) I’m sure you’re curious about the price. It’s actually really affordable, and around the same price as 2 box dye kits- but WAY better quality and customized to your exact hair! Right now, you can get started on your first custom home color kit for only $22! I was so pleased with this experience, I’ll definitely become a returning customer!

Here are some before and after photos where you can see the natural growth of my hair on the left (it’s like dark brown) and the vibrant dyed color on the right.

(Also note that there is makeup in my hair line above my forehead in the after photo. I have about 5 minutes to get ready in the morning before my kids are LIVE for eLearning.)

Get started today with your own personal colorist from eSalon!

Sponsor 2: A Fool’s Paradise from Robyn Williams

*I typically read only personal development and non-fiction type books, but this sounds like it has a really interesting plot to it for those into this genre of books!

Here’s a brief synopsis of this book:

Robyn Williams lures readers into an intriguing world of lifelike imagery and memorable, colorful characters. A Fool’s Paradise is robust with suspense, romance, tragedy, humor and elements of the supernatural intricately woven into a series of well-conceived plot twists guaranteed to leave readers spellbound.

A Fool’s Paradise reveals the story of Dr. Aaryn Jamison, one of the nation’s most prominent African American physicians. She is brilliant, successful and has a penchant for mountain climbing. Gifted with healing hands, she is more comfortable in the healing realm of the supernatural than she is in a glittering world of lustful, intimacy-starved, celebrity-driven fortune seekers.

Enter Jayson Denali, internationally acclaimed Academy award-winning actor. The handsome, charismatic superstar rose from meager beginnings to become king among Hollywood’s elite.

Passions simmer and fate plunges these two down a startling road of self-discovery fraught with meddling parents, scheming ex-lovers, jealous co-stars and an ever-watchful, over-protective entourage.

Savor the richness, enchantment, and emotionally infused chemistry of genuine relationships of the heart.

Robyn Williams’ A Fool’s Paradise melds passion, suspense and the supernatural as Dr. Aaryn Jamison, one of the nation’s most prominent African American physicians, meets Jayson Denali, internationally acclaimed Academy award-winning actor. The characters’ stories of growing up poor, becoming self-aware survivors, trusting in mentors along the way and then strangely falling for them are so relatable, one becomes an unwitting passenger on the tumultuous journey borne between this book’s two covers.

If you’d like to read of A Fool’s Paradise, you can purchase the eBook here for only $4.49!

Sponsor 3: Lip Plumping Gloss from Grande Cosmetics:

I was not familiar with Grande Cosmetics, but I LOVE to try new beauty products! It’s actually been several years since I’ve tried a lip plumper so I was really excited to try their lip plumping gloss! I really like it!

I like the gold applicator packaging with a one-click-applicator that allows only the needed amount to come out at a time. When you apply, it doesn’t tingle or burn (like others I’ve used in the past), and is very smooth. It claims to instantly plump lips in 3-5 minutes with no strings attached, and I think it definitely creates a noticeable difference without going too crazy. This product is also cruelty-free!

I’ve been using it daily this week and I like that it seems to be really moisturizing as well so it definitely fits cooler weather for those who don’t live in my area and get real fall!

I would definitely repurchase this one and use it all year long!

Shop Grande Cosmetics Lip Plumping Gloss here!

DISCOUNT: Use code SELFCARE10 for 10% OFF your entire purchase! (One use per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid through 9/30/20.)

Sponsor 4: Hand Sanitizer from Born Basic:

They definitely hooked me up! I received two big bottles and a travel bottle of hand sanitizer in this box and they are perfect! I keep sanitizer all around the home for easy access as well as in my bag for on-the-go needs. You can never have too much sanitizer, especially now! I really like their clean packaging and that this sanitizer is more moisturizing than other brands while still effectively killing germs. They also include Vitamin E and aloe to help soothe your hands.

These are also super affordable: You can grab the big 33 oz bottle for only $5.99, the 16.9 oz bottle for $3.99, and the travel-sized 3 oz bottle for only $1.99! Loving that there are different size options for convenience! (You can also use the big ones to refill the travel size bottle!)

Born Basic is a US-Based, family-owned company.

You can find their products exclusively at Target or shop online at www.bornbasicproducts.com!

Sponsor 5: Nail & Food Repair from Kerasal:

Kerasal is the leading brand in foot care for tough to tackle foot problems. Whether you are looking for an at home pedicure solution for dry, cracked feet or are looking to tackle tough toenail problems, Kerasal has you covered!

They sent me both products: the Intensive Foot Repair: an exfoliating moisturizer that is clinically proven to hydrate/moisturize dry feet while exfoliating away dead skin. They promise visible results overnight! I also received the Multi-Purpose Nail Repair: a solution to improve the appearance of nails damaged by a variety of conditions. This one promises visible improvements after a week of application, so I’ll report back on Instagram (in stories) once I give it a try!

My feet don’t currently have any issues but my cuticles on my fingernails are always dry from frequent hand washing so I’ll be giving that one a try soon and saving the foot product in case I need it! They both seem great to have on hand.

You can find Kerasal products at Target or on their Amazon store!

Thanks for reading!

That’s everything for the #FallforSelfCare Babbleboxx picks! What was your favorite? Did you discover anything new you want to try?



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I am so excited I discovered my new go-to hair dye option and can’t believe that you can get personalized hair color shipped to your door!

What’s your favorite fall self care find this year?



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