Halloween Fun! Treats, Pumpkins, and Costumes!

Halloween at Zoo Tampa, Pumpkin Painting, Treats, and more!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE! We had SO much fun with the kids this year! We started out our celebration with a night at Zoo Tampa’s Creatures of the Night! We had such a great time! Last year, Avalynn was just barely walking and this year she was jumping right into all of the fun activities and danced the night away with her brothers! I love how Zoo Tampa creates the perfect Halloween environment for young kids! It’s great to have a place to take them to that doesn’t have all the gore. Everything was age appropriate and even the ghosts were friendly!

Watch our Halloween Zoo Aventures HERE in this Video:

Andrew’s favorite part of the night was walking through The Rising Tides and riding the spooky carousel. Aidan loved seeing Medusa in the Stone Cold Cavern and seeing the Pigpimple’s School of Mystery and Mayhem.  Avalynn loved meeting the fairies and dancing with the mummies!

Here are some fun photos of our night:

…..And it was in this exact moment looking at this photo that I realized in like probably 2 years, my kids will be taller than me!!! Wow! They were all so tiny when we brought them home from the hospital. How did they grow up SO FAST?!

Not sure if you saw on this Instagram post, but this shirt was recycled from last year! It’s actually an 18 Month old dress! But it’s so cute, I thought we could add pants and make it a shirt! If you have little girls, this is a great way to get some extra wear out of seasonal clothing!

Look how cute she was:


I always love to see the baby animals! These little ones were adorable! See the video above for some extra cuteness!


Watch our Halloween Fun HERE in this Video:

Yummy Halloween Treats:

Our Halloween party menu included: Monster Mac & Cheese (inspired by the menu at Zoo Tampa), a mummy and zombie hot dog, chocolate-covered strawberry ghosts, and a dirt worm cup –one of my favorite desserts! We had so much fun creating a fun little party at home for the kids and they loved everything!

This year, the kids chose their own costumes. Andrew was Optimus Prime. Aidan was Black Panther. And Avalynn was a Lovely Llama.

Painting Pumpkins:

We decided to let the kids paint pumpkins this year. They had a blast outside with all the paints and brushes and we let them run wild with their imaginations. It’s fun to see their creativity shine through and aside from the mosquitoes, hanging out with the kids outside was so much fun! You can grab their painting smocks here for cheap!

The kids wore some of their Sunstaches while painting. They are so fun! You can grab some at pretty much any party store or online. They have alllllll the characters and are especially great for children’s birthday parties or a trip to Disney!

I attempted a leopard pumpkin which didn’t quite work out. I tried to transform it into a unicorn, but that didn’t work out either. One of these days, I’m going to teach myself how to paint. In the mean time, it’s all in good fun!

Trick or Treating:

It was one of those nights that I was just in the moment and didn’t get a chance to take the perfect photos. The kids had a blast trick-or-treating around both their auntie and uncle’s neighborhoods and got a ton of candy! We obviously charged the parent tax of 20% for costume fees, transportation, and security. (I only took a few, I promise!) It was a really fun night! It’s so fun to see Avalynn keeping up with the boys and she just loves to be able to do whatever they are doing!

I definitely miss the cool Halloween nights in Utah and the mosquitoes were HORRIBLE, but being able to celebrate holidays with my kids makes me so happy! This was a great year and now it’s officially time to get excited for Christmas!


What did YOU do for Halloween?

Tell me in the comments!



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