Kidbox Back to School Unboxing and Try on Haul

See what Andrew and Aidan got in their Back to School Kidboxes!

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You guys may remember Avalynn’s Summer Kidbox Unboxing from a few months ago. We absolutely ADORED everything! So when the boys got the chance to partner up for the Back to School Kidbox campaign, we were super excited! Below I will share everything they got in their boxes, explain how it works, and tell you how you can save on your first box!

What is Kidbox?

Kidbox is a seasonal styling service that curates a collection of pieces for your child and sends them straight to your door every season. It’s so easy to get started and you get to fill out a personal style survey about your child’s sizes and clothing preferences. You can try everything on in your home and pay for only the items you keep. Kidbox features over 150 premium brands you’re already familiar with! It’s also a fun way to discover some new items you may not have seen before in the big box stores! If you keep your entire box, you save money and time and Kidbox will make a donation to the charity of your choice in your account.

You can choose from a baby box (newborn to 24 months for only $68 for 5-6 items), a girl box (size 2T-14 for only $98 for 6-7 items) or a boy box (sizes 2T-16 for only $98 for 6-7 items).

Shipping is free both ways! I have $25 toward your first full Kidbox below to help you get started!

What did we get?

I let the boys fill out their own style survey so they could get items that fit their unique personalities.

Andrew and Aidan wanted to open their boxes together. They got a couple matching items and a few different pieces. Below I will share everything they got in their boxes along with pricing so you can get a pretty good idea of how Kidbox works!

Watch Our Try On Haul Video Here:

Outfit #1:

The boys each received a pair of Lee straight leg jeans ($36 regular; only $27 with Kidbox). and striped Tiger Motif sweatshirt from Brooklyn Cloth ($26.50 regular; only $19 with Kidbox).

Thoughts? I love a good pair of jeans and these fit the boys really well, which is hard to find! I was not crazy about the sweatshirts. The style isn’t something that I’d pic out for them and we live in Florida so it’s still 100 degrees everyday (and most of the year). But the boys really liked them and they loved that they were matching–which honestly makes me happy too!

Outfit #2:

Next, the boys got an athletic outfit which Andrew was REALLY excited about since he’s into athletic wear now. Andrew received a really nice PUMA cotton fleece pullover (Regular $34 and only $25 with Kidbox) and Puma french terry joggers (Regular $32 and only $24 with Kidbox). Aidan received a 2 piece short-sleeve Ecko top and short set (Regular $34 and only $26 with Kidbox).

(Pardon the squinting faces but it was super bright outside so they did their best!)

Thoughts? I honestly LOVED both of these on them. They look so cute and being basically the same size, I can definitely see them sharing these outfits. I loved the quality of Andrew’s Puma outfit and how cute it looked on him, but it is a bit warm for our local climate in Florida. I’m hoping it will cool down during winter so he can wear it before he outgrows it! I love Aidan’s Ecko outfit and that it fits well with our warm weather so he can wear it now. The colors look cute on him and Andrew has already asked to wear it sometime! All in all, both of these outfits were a WIN for us!

Outfit # 3:

For the third outfit, we paired their previous jeans with long sleeve shirts. Andrew got a Joe’s Jeans grey pocket henley shirt ($31 regular and $21 with Kidbox) and Aidan got a Andy + Evan plaid button-down shirt ($48 regular and $36 with Kidbox). The boys also received a backpack in their box which was a really fun surprise! Aidan got a light blue EBAGS backpack with the Kidbox logo on it (regular $19.99 and only $14 with Kidbox) and Andrew got a boys Cabin backpack from Parkland (regular $37 and only $28 with Kidbox).

Thoughts? I loved these shirts on the boys and they fit their personalities perfectly! The details on Aidan’s shirt were really fun for him and Andrew loved the comfort of his. Both boys loved their backpacks and will be using them whenever we go on family adventures, which is often! Andrew was excited that his backpack reminded him of Utah where we used to live.

Outfit #4:

Again, we’ve paired these shirts with the Lee jeans from earlier. For this outfit, both boys received a short sleeved shirt which we are VERY happy about because…Florida… and here’s what they got: Aidan got an adorable Crayola Dinosaur Tee ($14 regular and $9 with Kidbox) and Andrew got a fun Comic Print Tee from Art + Eden (the same company who made Avalynn’s pretty dress from her Summer Kidbox!) (Regular $26 and only $19 with Kidbox).


Thoughts? Both boys LOVED their shirts and it fit both of their personalities perfectly. Aidan had me mention in the notes for the Style Survey that he likes dinosaurs, so this made him happy. I also love that it’s mixed with Crayola crayons….. and I need to schedule a visit to Crayola World soon! What a perfect shirt for Aidan to wear when we go!

Extra Item:

Aidan also received another item: a pair of tan cargo shorts from Kids Club (regular $30 but only $22 with Kidbox) bringing his total box value similar to Andrew’s.

Thoughts? I actually thought these would be WAY too big for Aidan, but they fit him! He definitely hit a growth spurt over the summer! I love that the total value of the box for both boys was pretty close!

Our Review:

The total for Andrew’s box is a retail value of $223.49 and the total of Aidan’s box is a retail value of $208.49. Both boxes are only $98 each with Kidbox, which if you do the math, is a huge savings of $110.49-125.49 for each box!

I love that everything fit them in both size and their personal style. If I could change just one thing I would have requested less long-sleeve items for the boys just based on us living in a hot climate in Florida. However, if we were still in Utah (and going into a REAL fall), then the items would have been perfect!

I really love what Kidbox offers for parents: saving money and time. It’s a pain to go to the store when you have quite a few kids, not to mention super crowded this time of year! It’s nice to be able to try on items in your own home and to have the convenience of free return shipping if something isn’t a good fit. You can save quite a bit of money with Kidbox and from all of the boxes we’ve received, they only send quality items!

Andrew and Aidan both LOVED their box and asked me when they can get another one! I love that they are excited by new clothes!

I also love that they have a great social mission! For every full box you keep, they make a donation to a child in need. This season, Kidbox is supporting: refugee children, homeless families, veteran families, and children with an incarcerated parent.

Save $25 on Your First Full Kidbox with my Code!

Kidbox is giving my readers $25 OFF your first full box with my code PAPERCLIPS at checkout! You can head over to and get started today by filing out the quick style survey for your child!

It’s an incredible deal! This means if you were to get Andrew’s box, you’d receive $223.49 in retail value for only $73 with my code! Be sure to let me know what items you get!

Watch our Back to School Favorites Video Here:

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