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Our Entrepreneurship Story

Those who have been around here for awhile know our story of entrepreneurship, but for those who don’t, I’d like to share the short version.Ā  My husband and I started our first business together, a marketing company, back in 2009 when we were only a few months into our relationship. I actually started talking to him specifically because I wanted him to teach me graphic design (He is exceptionally talented at design!). Well, it took marriage and a few kids for that to finally happen! But in the mean time, we navigated the journey of entrepreneurship together. I had always known that I wanted to have my own business someday. I’m so glad we took that leap together and learned SO much along the way. Over the years, we would grow our business as we got engaged and had children. We balanced it all out in a way that can only be described as a complete roller coaster, but the one worth waiting in line for. We had some great times, met some amazing people, worked on some awesome projects, and learned some hard lessons along the way.

We Did it THREE Times?!

By the time we were expecting our first child in 2012, we tried our hands at a product business thinking it would be easier than a service business, but having no idea what we would need to do. We applied for a patent on a unique product that never existed before and partnered with my amazing mother-in-law who manufactured every item herself! Using all of our marketing skills, we managed to sell all across the US and in 15 other countries, which was really exciting! There was a need for the product and the more people learned about it, the more we sold. Eventually, my mother-in-law retired from the business and we were not able to find someone to replace her. While it was a great product and had a lot of potential, it just wasn’t the right time for us to continue it. We went through several other manufacturing facilities trying to find a way to continue production on our items, only to discover that no one could match her quality of work–not even with an entire team! It was in our best interest to close that door for awhile. We may reopen it someday, but for now, we realized that we needed to come up with something that we can manufacture ourselves without a facility. And so we came up with Glitter and Go back in 2016, which launched in 2017, around the time we were expecting our third baby! If you’re following the story, you’ll notice we had a baby with each business. If you’ve ever had a work/life balance struggle, let me just say that I wouldn’t recommend doing this. It was a wild ride and gave us a lot of time with our kids which I’m forever grateful for, but it was also really difficult. We spent many long nights working after the kids went to bed, and after awhile, the lack of sleep started to wear on us.

It was time to hop back into the corporate America workforce for a much needed break, more stability, a predictable schedule, and less stress because raising three kids requires a lot of work. So for the past couple years, we did just that. Until it just wasn’t working. My husband was mentally drained from commuting 4 hours EVERY day! It was one of those situations where you put your entire heart and soul into something, creating a huge monetary gain for other people, but you’re not fully appreciated. It ended up not being a good fit, and that’s okay because when one door closes, a better door is usually right around the corner waiting to be opened…..or reopened!

Our Exciting Announcement!

After discussing what happens next, we realized that we were our happiest when we were working TOGETHER on our own business. We make an amazing team with his graphic design, web, and SEO skills mixed with my love for writing, creating content, and sharing on social media. We now have over 10 years of experience so we’re in a MUCH better place than where we first started. So we have decided that for the first time, instead of trying to balance all the things for other people and our family, we’re going to put 100% of our efforts into our OWN business again. We have restocked a TON of inventory and made improvements to our products based on all of the customer feedback from the last batch. And with great pride and excitement, I am SO happy to announce that we are relaunching Glitter and Go this month! Glitter and Go is a scented toilet spray that is available in some really amazing scents, made of a proprietary blend created 100% by my husband. (You spray it in the toilet before going #2 and it blocks odors and makes your room smell amazing!) He did an AMAZING job creating the best formulations that actually work and smell amazing! It’s not a unique invention like our first product. But we’ve put our own spin on it to offer a unique variety that other brands aren’t currently offering. And when we competed head to head among the BIGGEST competitors in the industry, we came out pretty good! You can watch this….interesting….video here from Rhett and Link! (We were SO excited that they chose us for their competition!)

I love the idea of fun scents that smell EXACTLY like their names. So along with our original scents our customers have already come to know and love from our first launch, we’ve added several NEW scents and will be releasing several more all summer long! I hope you guys are as excited as we are! I look forward to having my husband back home and working with him on our own business, where every ounce of energy is valued! I truly believe that we really are BETTER TOGETHER!


When you order, we actually do a happy dance. You’re not only getting amazing products made with love, but you’re helping to support our family and we appreciate you! You can find them ALL on Amazon Prime because we love FREE SHIPPING and wouldn’t want you to have to wait long for your orders to come in! Below are all of the scents you can grab. Be sure to let us know which ones you order and how you like them! To celebrate our relaunch, everything is temporarily marked down 40% OFF so can stock up and try them all!

Introducing the NEW Glitter and Go Lineup:

Original Customer Favorites:

Cotton Candy Vibes: (Best Seller- smells exactly like cotton candy at the fair)

Livin’ the Dreamsicle: (The perfect blend of orange and vanilla creamsicle!)

Razzle Dazzle Lemonade: (one of my favorites-and perfect for summer!)

NEW Scents- Be the first to try them!

Blueberry Muffin Tops: (I might go so far as to say this one is my most favorite!)

Fruity Cereal: (It literally smells so good you almost want to eat a bowl of Fruit Loops. Great for moms and kids!) (Coming soon- awaiting arrival at Amazon’s warehouse!)

CaffĆØ Latte: (Work in a busy office? Love Starbucks? This would be totally up your alley!) (Coming soon- awaiting arrival at Amazon’s warehouse!)

Cinnamon Roll: (If you love baked goods as much as I do, you will LOVE this one!)

Mermaid Breeze: (You guys, this one has alllll the beachy vibes!!)

Lemon Cookies: (This is another one that I requested. It smells exactly like lemon cookies and I love all things lemon scented during summer especially!)



It’s so fun to see what other people are drawn to!

(We’ll choose one person from the comments to WIN their favorite scent this Friday at 5pm EST.)

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Written by Lindsay Satmary

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