Waffle Love: AKA BEST Waffles EVER!

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When my family moved to Utah a little over a year ago, we were driving through Provo and the Waffle Love sign caught our eye. We all love waffles so we thought we’d try it out. It was AMAZING! From the fun decor to the wonderful aroma to of course the delicious menu selection, Waffle Love quickly became our favorite restaurant in the area! After looking at their website (because that’s what we do) I loved them even more when I learned the story about how the business started. I’m a sucker for a great entrepreneur startup story and to see how far their venture has gone was even more of a reason to eat there as often as possible!

Waffle Love is one of the items on our to-do list for everyone who comes to visit. We’ve taken family from both Florida and California and can’t wait to take more people so they can experience amazing in the form of waffles!

Everyone loves the Chicken & Waffles and my current favorite is a tie between the Cinna-Love and the Grill Cheese & Bisque. The boys love the Churro Waffles. We also love to add a side of berries, especially for the boys! In fact, the boys like it so much we’ve had multiple occasions of them eating more than one waffle, which is saying A LOT since they are quite filling!

If you ever visit Provo, you DEFINITELY need to add Waffle Love to your must see places!

To learn more about Waffle Love’s story, which is quite inspiring, check out www.waffluv.com/about

To learn about their 2nd place win on Food Network’s reality competition show, The Great Food Truck Race, click here.

For Waffle inspiration and Food Truck schedule, Follow @Waffluv on Instagram!

Here are some fun photos from the latest visit when we brought my parents recently:


















What’s YOUR Favorite way to eat waffles? Leave a comment!

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